This is to certify that I will be participating in a Big Rock Outfitters trek of hiking, backpacking and/or paddling and camping in one or more wilderness areas. I understand that this will be a group expedition, and I agree to cooperate fully with each of the Big Rock Outfitters guides as he/she attempts to run this trip for the benefit and welfare of all participants. This includes adhering to the guide’s warnings about potential outdoor hazards and following his/her instructions carefully. If I should become ill or injured while on the trip, I grant the guide full authority to authorize medical treatment for me and if necessary, to authorize my evacuation from the wilderness.

Furthermore, since this will be a trip to an unimproved, remote region, I understand there will be certain risks to my safety, health and life that are part of the experience and cannot be eliminated. Specifically, I understand that by taking part in this expedition, I risk encountering such as but not limited to the following hazards:

  • Primitive trails, steep slopes, and creek/river crossings that are rocky and slick.
  • Whitewater rapids and powerful river currents.
  • Wild animals, poisonous snakes, plants, spiders and insects such as yellow jackets.
  • Storms, strong winds, lightning, flooding, falling trees/limbs or other “acts of nature”.
  • Flames or other hot objects from open campfires and camp stoves.
  • Sharp “camp” implements such as knives, axes, saws and shovels.

I fully realize that wilderness terrain and conditions could cause me to fall and suffer cuts, sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures and concussions.

I also realize that because the expedition will be physically demanding, it is possible that I could have a heart attack, stroke or other life-threatening medical emergency.

I understand that due to the remoteness of any wilderness area, that if I need to be evacuated for treatment of a serious injury or illness, that such an evacuation may take many hours or days and may involve such expensive methods of transport as a helicopter.

I also understand that during the drive to the wilderness area on any roadway, I could be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

 In summary, I acknowledge that there are many hazards such as but not limited to those listed above that can cause injury, illness or even death to me while I am on this expedition.

 Therefore, having considered the above warnings, I certify by my signature that:

  1. I have carefully read the Big Rock Outfitters Medical Release and Waiver, and I fully understand the hazards it describes.
  2. I understand that it is impossible for Big Rock Outfitters or its guides to guarantee my safety, health and life while am on my expedition, and I assume the risk of participating in it myself.
  3. I am physically capable of taking part in this expedition, and my health is good.
  4. I have adequate personal finances and/or medical insurance to cover both the short term and long term costs of any injury or illness I may suffer while participating in this expedition, and I will bear the costs of such injury or illness myself.
  5. I will also bear the cost of any expense that may be incurred due to my emergency evacuation.

 Participant’s signature ____________________________________Date _____________

Participant’s printed name ________________________________________

*Parent’s or legal guardian’s signature of consent if the above signed participant is a minor.

Parent’s signature ________________________________________Date _____________


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