Shinig Rock Wilderness – NC

Shining Rock Wilderness Blue and Red Weekend

August xx and xx, 2013 

shinging_rock_wilderness_1Hiking along this 6,000 foot ridgeline through the Shining Rock Wilderness offers some of the best panoramic views to be found east of the Mississippi. While the towns in the lowlands are sweltering in the dog days of August, the temperatures at this elevation will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler.  And if you need more reason than that to come along on this trip, consider that this weekend will be the peak of blueberry season. You can pick your fill of succulent blueberries during the day, and be treated to fresh blueberry pancakes prepared by your guides the next morning. Still want more? OK……..when we return to the trailhead on the 21st, we will drive around the corner on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Graveyard Fields parking area and walk down to the Yellowstone Prong to pan for rubies……..that’s right……..rubies. Keep everything you find!

shinging_rock_wilderness_2Big Rock Outfitters is a full service outfitter. We will provide all of the gear you need for this trip (including your tent and pack), provide all of the food, cook and clean up after meals. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and a couple of containers for your blueberries and rubies. Now what more can you ask for?

  The fee for this succulent, jewel of a trip is only $250.00 (includes meals, service and gear). Group size is limited to 10, so get your registration in right away

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Area Map 

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