Trek FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Rock Outfitters


How do I make a reservation? Reservations can be made by emailing a completed reservation form to  . Once received, our staff will contact you regarding payment.  Receipt of your deposit will hold a place for you until 30 days prior to the trip. Your reservation is only guaranteed if the fee is paid in full 30 days prior to the trip start date. For reservations cancelled at least 60 days before the trip, the deposit can be refunded. For reservations cancelled at least 30 days before the trip, the deposit will only be refunded if the vacant spot can be filled. The balance of the trip fee is due 30 days before the trip. If you have to cancel less than 30 days before the trip, the balance can be refunded, only if the vacant spot can be filled with someone else, but the deposit is not refundable.

Does a trip ever get cancelled? Big Rock Outfitters trips will take place regardless of the weather. However, unusual circumstances beyond our control may require us to change the route of a trip. Rarely, a forest fire, flooding or snow may prevent us from being able to access our intended destination. In this case we will make every attempt to run a revised trip to a comparable area. A change like this may be required at the last minute. Big Rock Outfitters does reserve the right to cancel a trip due to insufficient registrations. If this happens, the full fee will be refunded.

What if I have to cancel due to an emergency? We all have things that come up that we cannot anticipate………an illness or other family emergency, jury duty or transportation problems. This could cause you to have to cancel your trip after the deadline for a refund. Or, you could become ill or be injured during a trip and have to be evacuated out. For these reasons, you may want to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. One company that offers policies to cover the cost of trip cancellation, evacuation, medical care and baggage damage or loss is Travelex. You can contact them at 1-800-235-7178. You can also find other companies by Googling “trip cancellation insurance”, or by going to

What if I need medical care during a trip? A certified Wilderness First Responder goes on all trips and can provide care for the common “boo-boo’s”, large and small, that can occur in any wilderness setting. There is no charge for these services. However, for any illness or injury that requires a trip to the doctor, participants must provide their own medical insurance. If you do not have adequate medical insurance coverage, we suggest you purchase short term traveler’s insurance. Your travel or insurance agent can often combine the medical policy with one that covers trip cancellation insurance. They are not that expensive, and are really worth, it if you need it.

Just what kind of risks are there? Regardless of the planning and precautions taken on every trip, there is always be an element of risk when we venture outdoors. You could possibly become ill or injured, or even die while on a Big Rock Outfitters trip. Big Rock Outfitters does not assume any liability for injury or illness to you, and you will be asked to read and sign a “Medical Release and Assumption of Risks and Responsibilities” form prior to the trip.

What can I expect on a trip? Big Rock Outfitters trips are intended to provide you with a wilderness experience with all of the sights, sounds and sensations that go with camping out in the wild. We are not a safari or “dude ranch” operation that does everything for you. We believe that when you carry your own pack, paddle your own canoe and set up your own camp site, you derive a greater sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have done it all yourself. We will certainly be glad to help you with anything you need, but we will also ask for some help with routine camp chores. When you are involved in the experience, you will establish a far greater sense of comradery than if you are a passive participant.

What does my money pay for? Roughly a third of your fee goes to pay for direct trip expenses such as food, transportation, permits or other user fees, equipment rental, shuttle fees, etc. Another third goes toward year round expenses such as equipment purchases, insurance, professional training, brochures, office supplies and postage. The final third goes to Big Rock Outfitters for the actual guide service.

What are the guides like? All of the guides at Big Rock Outfitters have a lifetime of experience in the outdoors. They are very knowledgeable about outdoor gear, camping skills, identification of flora, wildlife and their habits, first aid and outdoor leadership. You will return home with a great sense of accomplishment, a deeper respect for Nature, and quite likely, some new friends with whom you would like to take another Big Rock adventure.